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PATRIOTS IN YSBRYD GWERIN OWAIN - IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU COME TO WELSHPOOL LIVESTOCK MARKET IN TIME FOR THE 2.00 p.m. DEBATE ON WEDNESDAY 29TH JUNE. See In This Post How The 'Turbine Terrorists' Turn 'Y Crachach' Into 'Turbine Traitors' - Collaborators With Post Industrial Wales Green Imperialism - Eco Colonialism of Cymru - COMBAT CRACHACH CONIVANCE IN THE 'WINDMILLS OF MASS DESTRUCTON OF OUR COUNTRY'.

The Council is setting up a widescreen at the market so that we can see and hear the debate. We must support this extraordinary move by the council who want us to see democracy in action. If we do not turn out in great numbers then there is a very real danger that they will not vote for TAN8 to be revised. You came in the thousands and cheered Glyn Davies and followed him to Cardiff. It is equally important that you now follow this through and let Powys County Council know exactly how you feel.

UPDATE: Cllr Graham Brown has confirmed that the Welshpool Meeting is definately going ahead on 29th June at 2.00pm
Have not posted before, but an avid reader of MAP commentries and totally against TAN8 / National Grid proposals, moreover, destruction of Montgomeryshire ...

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By: Owain on June 22, 2011 
at 1:45 pm
Have not posted before, but an avid reader of MAP commentries and totally against TAN8 / National Grid proposals, moreover, destruction of Montgomeryshire countryside and communities. On that, can I just draw to people’s attention through shock and disgust, that a national institution namely The National Eisteddfod, an organisation that strongly represents Welsh culture, folklore, history and community to name but a few is working in partnership/sponsorship with…get this…Wind Power Wales !! Unbelievable what? The National Eisteddfod fully supports and promotes the benefits / ideals of Wind Power Wales, endorsed by no other than Eisteddfod Director(s). How ironic and pathetic it is that the Eisteddfod organisation / national institution that alledgedly supports, promotes, and represents many aspects of Welsh community life (young and old), culture, folklore and ideals is helping to potentially destroy the very heart of it’s existence ……. communities and way of life ! This bombshell should be exposed, moreover, re-evaluate the ideals and principles of an organisation that embodies Welsh culture and communities. This may be old news, but had to put over my disgust and outrage. Be interested to know opinions.
By: Sian Ifan on June 24, 2011 

at 12:56 pm

  • I agree with you Owain and would suggest that a campaign does need to be launched against the National Eisteddfod for this collaboration but also, do realise, that this is only the tip of the Iceburg. It is becoming more and more obvious that the ‘turbine terrorists’ with their ‘windmills of mass destruction’ plans for Cymru have been very busy cultivating our ‘crachach’, and appointing ‘Cymraeg speaking front men’ such as ‘one time’ Cymdeithas yr Iaith activist and Plaid Cymru member Eryl Vaughan being one of three that I, personally, know of. Also, in many ‘Cymraeg circles’ there is a black propaganda campaign in operation that makes out that it is only ‘Incomers’ that are opposed to windmills and that allowing ‘Cymraeg speaking’ farmers to use land for windmills helps subsidise them and thus enables them to stay in business and continue to be part of a sustainable but subsidised ‘Cymraeg speaking’ community. Such connivance is then sustained by the Welsh speaking press – such as ‘Y Cymro’ newspaper who made no reference at all to the massive protest in Cardiff. Why not? Could it be anything to do with the fact that an advert had been placed in ‘Y Cymro’ that week by the Renewables bad guys. Coincidence?
    This Judus ’30 pieces of silver’ sell out by certain ‘Cymru Crachach Cymraeg’ must be challenged, and this ‘Windmilling of Wales’ exposed as Post Industrial Green Imperialism – Eco Colonialism and as much a robbery as that which has taken place over centuries and not least, in period of living memories of the British Army seizing Welsh land and vacating and destroying whole communities and, of course, the drowning of Welsh Valleys and thriving communities to take water to serve England’s Industrial needs.
    The destruction of Cymric communities time and time again has been a major factor in the destruction of the Welsh language and culture and Welsh way of life and it is happening again with this windmilling of Wales – and on a much larger scale than ever seen before – and ,again, its England and English capitalism that will benefit to Wales’s cost and the National Eisteddfod, the ‘supposed’ guardian of our language, culture and Welsh way of life should not be allowing itself to be bought by this ‘dirty money’ – and should be told so in very certain terms.
    What can be done> I would suggest in the first instance that Anti Wind farm groups should make the effort to produce Cymraeg as well as English literature placards and banners to display during their campaigning. Not only is it correct to do so in a nation that has its own language, it will assist to do away with the argument that only ‘incomers’ are opposed to the Windmilling of Wales.
    I would further suggest that the ‘Pabell y Cymdeithasau’ (Societies pavilion) is booked for an hour – or longer? during Eisteddfod week so that invited Welsh speakers such as Iolo Williams, Sian Lloyd and Myfanwy Alexander will have an opportunity to address the public on the issue of the Windmilling of Wales and the National Eisteddfod’s collaboration in this with the acceptance of this ‘dirty money.
    That’s a start.
    Sian Ifan.


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